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Advanced Construction Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 1

Advanced Construction Law - Essay Example A designer can be held liable for professional negligence in his duty if the design is considered to be poor quality, if he failed to manage the project properly, certifying for defective or unsuitable materials, indulging in the mismanagement of both contractors and the project costs, indulging in health and safety infringement, non-adherence of building regulations, and failing to get the appropriate permission for the project . One another law which deals with health & safety is the Control, of â€Å"Asbestos at Work (CAW) Regulations (2002)†. Some other regulation which is related to Health & Safety are as follows; a) â€Å"noise (Noise at Work Regulations 1989) , eyes (Protection of Eyes Regulation 1974), the use of asbestos (Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 1987) , the use of Lead (Control of Lead at Work Regulations 1987) , the control of substances hazardous to health ( Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988) , the control of industrial majo r hazards (the Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard Regulations 1984) â€Å" .A designer of  Ã‚   a construction project will have multifarious responsibilities and roles. He has the duty follow the Code of Professional Conduct as prescribed by ARB and RIBA. He has the duty to offer the client with concise and clear advice about the design potential, estimated building cost, the necessity to get various statutory consents, likely time scale of project, project programming, and the necessity to appoint the services of the other professional specialists and consultants .Though a professional contractual commitment to his client only applicable to carry out his services with reasonable care and skill.

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For and Against Nuclear Power Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

For and Against Nuclear Power - Essay Example There has been varying views about nuclear power. Some people are against nuclear while others support nuclear power as a source of energy and electricity. Nuclear power is believed to be an alternative to threats of global warming. In addition, it offers unlimited source of electricity and energy. Actually, green house emissions contribute to rise globally causing an increased temperature rise. Electricity generation is a major contributor of greenhouse gas mainly due to burning of fossil fuels. On the other hand, nuclear plant does not emit carbon dioxide that is one of the major components of green house gas. Therefore nuclear power acts as a complement to other non-polluting source liken wind and solar. Moreover, nuclear power is the most reliable source of energy. There is possibility of having reliable and enough energy from nuclear plant twenty with no disruption. Nuclear power is not subject to wind, sun or tides. The amount of energy needed can be regulated. Additionally, wa ste resulting from nuclear power is minimal and accumulates after many years. Hence, there is no harm to the environment. In addition, nuclear power increases country dependence on its own source of energy. This will help a country avoid unstable supply of oil and gas usually due to conflicts arising in source countries. Hence, Supply disruption will not affect countries that have adopted nuclear power (Ferguson, & Council on Foreign Relations, 2007). However, there are still some disadvantages of nuclear power. Of the most important is the cost of building a nuclear plant. In fact, it is uneconomical compared top other source of energy. Country economy is affected significantly. Moreover, nuclear power site are becoming the target for terrorist attack. Such an attack is likely to affect the country involved significantly. Nuclear plant releases harmful chemicals with long-term consequences to the general population. Chronic diseases

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The Products Of Herbal Essences Marketing Essay

The Products Of Herbal Essences Marketing Essay Herbal Essences is a brand of hair product founded in 1971 by Clairol. In 2002, Procter and Gamble acquired Herbal Essences from Clairol, Inc. Herbal Essences is a global brand of hair-care products that distribute various different Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Coloring, Mousse, Hairspray, and Gel products (Procter Gamble, 2012, p. 3). Procter and Gamble entered as a hair colorant and renovated the product of Herbal Essences (Matusow, 2008). In this section we will analyze the target market strategies, which Procter and Gamble used to help their product Herbal Essences grow more than 40 percent in sales globally (Procter Gamble, 2007, p. 12). According to McGreog (2008), since Procter and Gamble acquired Herbal Essences their main marketing objective was to change their product and to revive their failing brand within the shampoo industry. Hence, the company wanted to market towards a more youthful audience. The brand was originally focused on women who wanted natural hair care products. It dealt with ingredients such as herbal and organic aspect of the product. Procter and Gamble wanted to reposition their hair products by creating a fun and youthful appeal while having the natural ingredients. Procter and Gamble did this so they do not lose their brand loyalists. Herbal Essences target market consists of Generation Y female users ranging from the age of 14-30 (McGregor, 2008). Herbal Essences target markets are individuals who are going to school, entering college, and young moms. Consumers of Herbal Essencess products share more than a common hair-care product, they share common lifestyles. In order to understand the appeal of their products, Herbal Essences continues to research their cultural and social environment. They do this by learning more about the consumers psychographics and behavioral characteristics. The goal in doing so is to sell more hair products by understanding the changing wants and the needs of the market segment. The needs of this market segment According to MediaPost (2008), in recent efforts to better understand and attract the youthful audience towards Herbal Essences, Procter Gamble and the Beauty Business Chief, Susan Arnold had an idea to re-invent their products by completely re-branding Herbal Essences. In order to rebrand themselves they conducted their own research such as consumer surveys, market research and observing buying patterns of younger consumers. She took on the task of finding a way to build up the failing brand with a small group of people from research and development, marketing, and design. The small team worked together with branding agency Libby Perszyk Kathman (LPK) to target the market of Generation Y females (MediaPost, 2008). As Lukovitz (2007) states in her article Herbal Essence Snags 2007 Rebrand 100 Global Award the team instantly started on 18 months of extensive consumer research. During the time the team emerged in May 2006 with a new target market audience tailored towards the spontaneous, optimistic, altruistic, experiential Generation Y (Lukovitz, 2007). Herbal Essences changed the whole product from scratch which they referred to as the from-scratch strategy which included a new logo, adding several catchy new product names, and adding new packaging. Herbal Essences research discovered that women like to buy hair care products within the same brand. The packaging emphasizes the shape, the new shampoo and conditioner bottles where designed to fit together on the shelf, encouraging the youthful audience to buy the product as a whole and driving up sales (Lukovitz, 2007). In order for Herbal Essences to communicate their product to their new target market, they have used an innovative way to reflect their product upon the youthful generation. Herbal Essences uses this technique consistently throughout their product packaging and promotions. For example, the names of their products such as Hello Hydration, Drama Clean, and Tousle Me Softly (Herbal Essences, 2012). The name of these products reflects the tone and personality of the youthful audience which effectively appeals to their target market. Their target market likes to be aware of the latest trends in hairstyles and looks that could be obtained by using their products. Their target market wants a brand that focuses on their needs and is funky as them; a product which has an emotional connection, and makes them feel like the product is a part of their lifestyle. This market strategy also play a role into targeting the older part of the demographic, towards young mothers around the age of 30 who may look for hair care products for their daughters. They would be prone to buy the product since it gives a youthful and a modern vibe unlike other hair care product competitors. Herbal Essences indirectly cleverly uses the youthful appeal towards the older demographics that could also purchase their product, because they are tempted to feel younger (Lukovitz, 2007). Herbal Essences revolutionized the way companies target their market. It moved from a failing brand into a successful brand. The strategies they applied into targeting their market changes the way companies and their products speak to their consumers, appears to their customers, and how they might even position their products on the shelf to compete with their competitors (McGregor, 2008). Herbal Essences hair-care products stand out because it has been designed and formulated specifically for their target market needs. With the products of Herbal Essences, their target market can match their unique personality with their products.

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Black Theology & Black Power According to James H. Cone Essay -- Black

I believe the best place to start this essay would be with an explanation of Black Power. Black Power according to James H. Cone â€Å"is an emotionally charged term that can evoke either angry rejection or passionate acceptance.† Critics see it as blacks hating whites, while advocates see Black Power as the only viable option for black people. Advocates see Black Power meaning black people are taking a dominate role in deciding what the black-white relationship should be in American Society. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. is preaching this right now. He sees that blacks need to go back to their blackness and no longer live their lives as the white society wants them to. What these two men are encouraging can be very difficult for most people to understand. Most of us see this as a call to violence. What Cone is really saying is that Black Power means the complete emancipation of black people from white oppression by whatever means black people deem necessary. The methods to reach this can include selective buying, boycotting, marching, and even rebellion. Black Power means black freedom, black self-determination, where black people no longer see themselves as without human dignity, but as people, human beings with the ability to carve out their own destiny. Paul Tillich’s analysis of â€Å"the courage to be† further clarifies the meaning of Black Power. He says that â€Å"the courage to be† â€Å"is the ethical act in which man affirms his being in spite of those elements of his existence which conflict with his essential self-affirmation† Black Power is then a humanizing force because it the black man’s attempt to be recognized as a â€Å"thou† in spite of the â€Å"other,† the white power which dehumanizes him. The courage they feel gives them the... ... What it really means is that your heart, your soul, your mind, and your body are where the dispossessed are. Your mind, soul, and heart need to be reconciled to God. Cone ends his book, Black Theology & Black Power with this thought, â€Å"The real questions are: Where is your identity? Where is your being? Does it lie with the oppressed blacks or with the oppressors? Let us hope that there are enough to answer this question correctly so that America will not be compelled to acknowledge a common humanity by see that blood is always one color.† We need to put aside our pasts and try to find the common ground we share in Christ and become reconciled to each other that neither black or white is superior, but we are just the same in God’s eyes and we all bleed in the same color. Work Cited James H. Cone . "Black Theology and Black Power" Orbis Books, 1997

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Stage Beauty

Stage Beauty â€Å"Stage Beauty† explores the boundaries between reality and performance. It’s the 1660s, and Edward ‘Ned’ Kynaston is England’s most celebrated leading lady. Women are forbidden to appear on stage and Ned profits, using his beauty and skill to make the great female roles his own. But King Charles II is tired of seeing the same old performers in the same old tragedies. Since no one will take him up on his suggestion to improve Othello with a couple of good jokes, he decides to lift the royal palate by allowing real women to tread the boards. In a slightly less progressive spirit, he rules that men may no longer play women’s parts. I find it hilarious, that such a prudish society who are against homosexuality and such things as women acting, will find it ok to have a bunch of men pretending to be women and having, well not physical love scenes, but professing romantic poetry to other men. The film, is really about two things at once: The craft of acting, and the bafflement of love. It must be said that Ned is not a very convincing woman onstage although he is pretty enough; he plays a woman as a man would play a woman, lacking the natural ease of a woman born to a role. Curiously, when Maria takes over his roles, she also copies his gestures, playing a woman as a woman might play a man playing a woman. Only gradually does she relax into herself. â€Å"I've always hated your Desdemona,† she confesses to Ned. â€Å"You never fight, you only die. † Ned is most comfortable playing a woman both onstage and off. But is he gay? The question doesn’t precisely occur in that form, since in those days gender lines were not rigidly enforced, and heterosexuals sometimes indulged their genitals in a U-turn. Certainly Ned has inspired the love of Maria his dresser, who envies his art while she lusts for his body. We see her backstage during one of Ned’s rehearsals, mouthing every line and mimicking every gesture; she could play Desdemona herself, and indeed she does one night, in an illicit secret theater, even borrowing Ned’s costumes. It is a cruel blow when he finds fame and employment taken from him in an instant, and awarded to Maria. Yet Maria still has feelings for Ned, and rescues him from a bawdy music hall to spirit him off to the country — where their lovemaking has the urgency of a first driving lesson. The movie lacks the effortless charm of many of the movies that I saw like O, and Shakespeare in Love and its canvas is somewhat less alive with background characters and details. But it has a poignancy that â€Å"Shakespeare† lacks, because it is about a real dilemma and two people who are trying to solve it. The London of the time is fragrantly evoked, as horses attend to their needs regardless of whose carriage they are drawing, and bathing seems a novelty. I wonder if the court of Charles II was quite as Monty Pythonesque as the movie has it, and if Nell Gwynn was quite such a bold wench, but the details involving life in the theater feel real, especially in scenes about the fragility of an actor's ego. Poor Ned. â€Å"She's a star,† the theater owner Thomas Betterton tells Ned about Maria. â€Å"She did what she did first; you did what you did last. â€Å"

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African Based Civil Society An Effective Public Health...

The supererogatory capitalist mentality reinforced in American society as a means of success and an acceptable manner to diligently fulfill ethical and moral obligations has been streamlined through the allocation of financial resources, however, these contributions have failed to educate West Africans about precautionary measures, build an effective public health infrastructure and has generated a new strain of the virus: Ebola Debt. Since the recent outbreak of Ebola in early 2014 politicians and public health officials have collaborated with the World Health Organization to dedicate the â€Å"Health System Fund† aiming to repay what a large portion of the population claims to be a debt to our allies, which beguiles the general public of its†¦show more content†¦As the earth has mounted its immune response against the human species (406) in the form of a filovirus which was deemed biologically dormant both in the late nineties’ outbreak and currently, the eth ical implications have infected society ability to rid itself of Ebola. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone owe the International Monetary Fund a combined payment of three hundred and seventy-two million dollars that were allocated to repress the epidemic (Duval). Although a large portion of the countries have declared themselves Ebola free the remnants of the outbreak remain in the form of economic poverty and a newly built healthcare frame that does not account for the lack of health care workers, consideration of cultural traditions and was not implemented in a timely manner. Government officials in Africa argue the inefficient response during the critical threshold and the amount of money spent on establishing an American health care system parallels the imperialism movement and has left the countries vulnerable to future outbreaks, indebt and currently still unprepared. The monetary â€Å"loans† less than half of which actually reached affected countries last year failed to educate the public, this raises the question of owing money that was not distributed to tackle immediate threats but attempted to repair years of corruption and unstable healthcare foundations. In this sense America has years of compiling

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Crucible Quote Explication - 1374 Words

The Crucible Abigail Williams: I am but God s finger, John. If he would condemn Elizabeth, she will be condemned. This quote is from the mouth of Abigail, the leader of the girls involved at the center of the plot. She is talking with John, and trying to rationalize the things that the girls are doing. Proctor knows what is at the heart of the matter as Abigail is merely trying to get rid of his wife so that they can be together, something that he no longer wants. This situation shows the reader that Abigail is clearly committing perjury. Another informative aspect of this quote is that it sheds light on the person Abigail truly is because it shows that she is a lying, conniving person, who will stop at nothing to†¦show more content†¦This particular quote deals with Elizabeth speaking of her frustration, anger, and disappointment as a result of the violation of trust and marital oaths. Proctor only becomes angered when this topic comes up because he feels that he has repeatedly expressed his sorrow for the mistakes of the past and finds Elizabeth constantly second-g uessing him, showing the lack of trust. Reverend Parris: They ve come to overthrow the court, sir! This quote shows that the reverend cares only about his reputation rather than the truth being uncovered. His character in the play often brings out the worst in the townspeople, as he doesn t have many friends, and is known to be a man with gullible, uncaring, and villainous attributes. The quote shows his vulnerability to the lies of the girls and his enthusiasm to get the accused executed. This is an important statement in the play as it shows Parris for who he is as a corrupt clergyman and citizen of Salem. People like Rev. Parris are what keeps the truth from being discovered as he only cares about saving his own reputation rather than finding the truth. Rebecca Nurse: I have eleven children and I am twenty-six times a grandma, and I have seen them all throughout their silly seasons, and when it comes on them they will run the Devil bowlegged keeping up with their mischief. Rebecca Nurse, a respected member of the community,