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Marketing - 1233 Words

Introduction to Marketing Written Report SK-II Segmentation, Targeting Positioning in Hong Kong Group Members: (Group 2) Chan Yuk Fung, Nichole Ho Wai Ki, Vivian Kwan Tsz Kwan, Sita Ng Chun Ting, Jacky Yuen Ka Wai Date of Submission: 18 Apr 2012 Content 1) Introduction of SK-II P.3 2) Segmentation for SK-II customers P.3-4 3) Analysis of SK-II Segmentation P.4 4) How SK-II target their customers P.4-5 5) Positioning Value Proposition P.5 6) Conclusion P.5 7) References P.6-7 Introduction of SK-II SK-II, is a†¦show more content†¦How SK-II target their customers SK-II is under the concentrated marketing. SK-II has the same marketing mix, and it is for the different customer’s segmentations, which are Demographic, Psychographic and Behavioral. There are 2 main product streams for SK-II, which are Skin Care and Cosmetics. The different product has different effect, like Whitening, Wrinkle Resilient and Spot Control. (*7) The price of SK-II is costly and not adjustable, but there are various seasonal packages for their customers in order to attract them to purchase more and more. Also, there are several selling channels for SK-II, such as Sogo Department Stores, Lane Crawford, Watson’s and Mannings. Excluding those channels, SK-II has their own concept stores in Kowloon Bay and Shatin as well. (*8) For the promotion of SK-II, the two most important ways are from Television and Magazine advertisements with their famous ambassadors. Positioning and Value Proposition SK-II is under a keen competition and is still highly positioned in Skin Care and Cosmetic Industry. The product positioning is noble, mature, modern and confident. For instance, Olay is defined as low price but in high quality and Shiseido is defined as high price in high quality. However, SK-II products captured the hearts of consumers. SK-II gives the consumers a clear image and picks the right slogan and strategy whichShow MoreRelatedMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing966 Words   |  4 Pagesreflect back over these last five weeks I now have a clearer view of marketing and how it affects not just the consumers of the world and the companies with their marketing managers, but how it affects me. Yes, I am a consumer who clips coupons, budgets my finances, and looks for sale items and this marketing class has taught me that marketing is more than selling or advertising. Marketing managers have a difficult job, as marketing involves identifying, meeting and satisfying the needs of customersRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing1486 Words   |  6 Pagesthis day and age, marketing plays a pivotal role in the business environment. Marketing is dynamic, complicated and challenging. The basic concept of marketing is to identify the need of human and society, and research how to satisfy and create those need. According to American Marketing Association (AMA), defining that marketing is the processed activity which communicate and exchange valuable offerings to customers (AMA, 2013). To be more precise, the main mission of marketing is choosing targetRead MoreMarketing Concept Of Marketing : Marketing1651 Words   |  7 PagesMarketing concept Marketing plays a major function in any business organisation. The essence of marketing is about designing and managing a product and generating exchanges of value from where both the customer and the organisation can attain benefits. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large (Solomon, Marshall Stuart, 2009, p.13). MarketersRead MoreMarketing Functions Of Marketing And Marketing1229 Words   |  5 Pagestrends, the marketing function is used as a measure in the business-to-business practice, to capture and place varied products in a market place (Kono, 2004). A typical market function provides details regarding the planning, information, product distribution, consumer support, risk taking, financing, and standardization and grading amongst other things (Makloof and Sundberg, 2006). In business a market function acts in respect to the corporate marketing, strategic marketing, field marketing and analysisRead MoreMarketing Concept Of Marketing And Marketing1413 Words   |  6 PagesMARKETING CONCEPT Marketing is an act of promoting and selling products or a service, this also includes marketing research and advertising. The marketing concept is the philosophy used by companies to analyse the needs of their customers so they can be better than the competition. As well as this they must also take into consideration the companies capabilities and the environment it is working in, as they can face the pressures of environmental changes. By using the marketing concept companiesRead MoreMarketing Orientation : Marketing And Marketing1450 Words   |  6 Pages A wide range of companies today prefer to adopt the marketing orientated approach to sell their new products rather than using product orientation before.In fact,marketing orientation also helps such companies to earn more profits in the long time.According to Jobber and Ellis Chadwick (2013),marketing orientation focuses on customers need as the primary drivers of organizational performance.However,this is not always the case. Product orientation still be used by some senior executives and thisRead MoreMarketing : Marketing And Relationship Marketing Essay1359 Words   |  6 PagesIntegrating Marketing With the shift in the external marketing environments, Apple has also shifted its marketing strategy. It personalizes marketing through experiential marketing and relationship marketing. â€Å"Experiential marketing promotes a product by not only communicating a product’s features and benefits but also connecting it with unique and interesting consumer experiences† (Strategic Brand Management, P. 181). Customers can easily experience a sense of community every time they walk in intoRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing1770 Words   |  8 PagesWhat is Marketing? A plethora of individuals seem to be misinformed about marketing. Several of these individuals believe that marketing is just advertising. Others will tell you that marketing is all about sales, insinuating that all marketers are just salesmen. Now these beliefs are both right and wrong. â€Å"How can they both be right and wrong at the same time?† you may be asking yourself. Well they are right, because marketing encompasses both advertising and sales. They are both wrong by assumingRead MoreMarketing Mix Of Marketing And Marketing1001 Words   |  5 PagesIn The cutting edge world of marketing dated back in the late 1950s, the four Ps were called the marketing mix, meaning that a marketing plan is a mix of four components. A company who has adopted 4P approach focuses on product, whereas company who has adopted the value approach focuses on value to the consumer. One of other marketing mix is the Value approach. This approach concentrates on delivering value to the consumers or customers, the 4Ps approach is evidently concentrated not on customersRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing1878 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Marketing research is the process that associates the consumers, customers, and end users to the marketer through information — information used to classify and describe marketing prospects and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and development understanding of marketing as a process. Marketing research identifies the information required to address these issues, designs the method for collecting information, manages and implements

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Cultural Impact on Food Choice and Nutrition - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1350 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/02/20 Category Health Essay Level High school Tags: Nutrition Essay Did you like this example? People have a tendency to live together. Over the course of human evolution, humans have organized themselves in the forms of tribes, villages, cities, states, and countries. Within all of these organizations of people developed cultures that distinguished what people should consume and what they should avoid (Barilla Center For Food Nutrition). Food choice and nutrition are influenced by multiple facets of culture. Culture is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as â€Å"the way of life of a particular people†. A person’s diet is influenced by and regulated through the cultural facets of faith, heritage, and the vernacular. A person’s diet is influenced by and regulated through the cultural facet of faith. This facet is based on the fact that certain belief systems set dietary rules and guidelines. Societies differ in their adherence to these religious dietary rules and guidelines, but those with higher numbers of orthodox and devout religious followers are more likely to adhere to them and oppose genetic food modifications. Followers of orthodox Judaism follow kosher diets diets based on Jewish laws. Some examples are Jewish diet laws include consuming no pork or seafood products and limiting alcohol consumption to wine made by faithful Jews. Followers of orthodox Islam have similar but different dietary restrictions to follow compared to their Jewish counterparts. Similar to Jewish law, pork consumption is forbidden. Unlike Jewish law, all forms of alcohol are forbidden for followers of orthodox Islam. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Cultural Impact on Food Choice and Nutrition" essay for you Create order Followers of orthodox Islam and Judaism also get their diets impacted through periods of consuming no food in order to observe days or periods of fasting (Heiman, Amir, et al). The religious act of fasting is associated with different meanings and purposes depending on the religion. In the Abrahamic religions, the act of fasting is associated with learning modesty, patience, and spirituality as well as being a symbol of one’s faith (Barilla Center For Food Nutrition). Some faith systems also set guidelines that relate to socio-economic status. Hinduism is one such faith system that does this is when it is accompanied with the caste system. Hinduism does not strictly forbid the consumption of foods, but sets standards to determine how â€Å"polluted† or unclean certain acts, foods, and drinks are. In general, members of socio-economic lower status consume food and drinks that are considered to be less clean. In addition, Hindu followers that maintain a vegetarian diet a re regarded as having a higher status than their meat-eating counterparts because any interaction with dead animals is viewed as polluting (Stephon, Yehudi). A person’s diet is influenced by and regulated through the cultural facet of heritage. Heritage and tradition shape what a culture views as ideal for sizes of meals and body shapes. In January, 2018 a cross-sectional study of 81 adult Kiribati and European male seafarers was conducted to better understand cultural differences in food, body image attitudes, and eating behavior. The study was setup to make cultural background the primary difference between participants. This was done by limiting participation for the study to four transatlantic merchant cargo ships that were operated by the same company and shared similar diets and access to recreation. The study found that the Kiribati participants consumed more food and displayed larger body shapes than their European counterparts. Researchers found that this correlated with the Kiribati participants saying that larger body shapes are more respectable despite slimmer body shapes being more attractive. European participants on the other hand reported slimmer body shapes being more respectable and attractive (Westenhoefer, Joachim, et al). Another example of cultural heritage impacting food consumption can be seen through analyzation of how plate size influences how filling a meal will or will not be. In October, 2017, a cross-cultural analysis was published on this phenomena. It observed a correlation of western cultures objectifying perceived fullness from food based on plate size which is not shared by Asian cultures. Potential reasoning for this correlation lays behind the practice of western cultures to load their plates at mealtime prior to eating whereas Asian cultures tend to fill their plates at mealtime with smaller portions throughout the time they spend eating (Peng). The influence of how varying plate size can be used to perceive fullness in western cultures can be utilized by meal preppers and restaurants to encourage consumers to eat more or less food. Cultural heritage influences what foods and drinks people will consume. Traditional diets based off of the available resources of a particular area can influence what forms of food are or are not acceptable. For example, Japan has a seaside culture that dates back thousands of years and has incorporated raw fish into traditional recipes, sushi being an example. On the other hand, sushi and other raw fish meals have only recently begun to become acceptable in western cultures (Nordstrà ¶m). The phenomenon of cultures varying what is acceptable to eat has roots in the evolution of human survival. Being biologically omnivorous, humans have a wide array of food that could be edible. As humans started to live together, they were able to share ideas of what food was safe to eat and what was not. They also were able to share ideas regarding why to eat or not to eat certain food, how to prepare food, and how food should be eaten. In addition to culture limiting the food choices consumers ch oose, other cultures’ food choices can be used to differentiate them and begin to assess relatability or perceived threat level (Barilla Center For Food Nutrition). The narrative of a population’s origins can also strongly influence what a culture consumes. An example of this is the culture of the Guatemalan Maya. There culture has an origin story that states that people originated from maize. As a result, maize is incorporated into almost all of all meals, and a feeling of ‘fullness’ or satiation lacks without it (Fischer). Vernacular culture influences a person’s food choice and nutrition. This cultural facet is based on the idea that people are influenced by what is perceived as socially normal and food selection being limited what the local food culture demands. This facet can be utilized analyzing the food culture of the United States. The United States food culture has been undergoing a change in the nutrition of their diets. Compared to the 1970s, Americans in 2010 consumed more than twice the amount of cheese and poultry while consuming less red meat and dairy milk. Between the 1970s and 2010,average fruit and vegetable caloric intake dropped by 1.3% (DeSilver). One reason for the shift of consumption rates is the push or strive for Americans to eat healthier. Consumer demand and grocery suppliers have not ignored this changing diet and research done by Catalina Marketing found that a majority of shoppers have observed increased rates of food options and â€Å"healthful foods and beverages† in their grocery stores. Despite the increased rates of food variety and healthy options, the United States remains as the top meat consuming country in the world with its meat and poultry dominating its 2012 agricultural industry production (Reynolds). Within the greater food culture is subculture of consumers who do not consume meat. This sub-culture of vegetarians and vegans consist of 4.4% of the United States population. The American Dietetic Association acknowledges that following meatless diets has many potential benefits beyond getting enough nutrients such as developing a resistance to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. However, the prevalence of meat consumption in American culture makes the act of following a meatless diet counter-cu ltural and has potential to cause alienation due to the cultural tendency to bond over meals (Potter-Dunlap, Tse) A person’s diet is influenced by and regulated through the cultural facets of faith, heritage, and the vernacular. Cultural adherence to certain faith systems limits what food and drinks people are allowed to or will consume. Cultural heritage establishes standards for how people can view nutrition differently and determine what foods and drinks are favored or acceptable to eat and which to avoid. Vernacular culture sets standards for what people will eat when they gather together and can affect the diets people choose to follow to avoid social alienation.

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Econs - 1089 Words

INTRODUCTION TO MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS Dr. Gong Jie National University of Singapore Why Do We Study Economics ï  ¶ People have to â€Å"Choose† â™ ¦ Resources are scarce. â™ ¦ There is No Such Thing as Free Lunch! ï  ¶ Economics: the science of Rational Choice â™ ¦ Rationality: the basic assumption â™ ¦ Rational Choice: Economic agents use all the information available to make decisions that most efficiently satisfy their needs and achieve stated objectives. â™ ¦ How do people make rational choice? This is the subject of Economics! Paul A. Samuelson’s definition of Economics ï  ¶ â€Å"Economics is the study of how men and society choose, with or without the use of money, to employ scarce productive resources, which could have alternative uses, to produce various†¦show more content†¦What is the cost if you run you own restaurant? ï  ¶ Suppose that you own a house on Orchard Road, and you decide to run a restaurant, your total cost would include: ïÆ' ¼Explicit Cost: ïÆ' ¼Implicit Cost ïÆ'ËœUtility: electricity, water and gas ïÆ'ËœThe rental income you give up ïÆ'ËœMaterial ïÆ'ËœYour possible employment income ïÆ'ËœFurniture and Equipment ïÆ'ËœWage paid to employees Economic Modeling ï  ¶ Models are simplifications†¦like maps ï  ¶ Resemble reality ï  ¶ Abstract from the rich details ï  ¶ Help understand the fundamental forces Endogenous vs Exogenous Variables ï  ¶ Exogenous variables: Variables that have values that are taken as given in the model. ï  ¶ Endogenous variables: Variables whose value is determined within the model being studied. ï  ¶ Analyze the business of a lemonade stand: ïÆ' ¼Exogenous ïÆ' ¼Endogenous ïÆ'ËœCustomer volume ïÆ'ËœPrice ïÆ'ËœInput price ïÆ'ËœQuantity ïÆ'ËœTemperature ïÆ'ËœProduct Quality ïÆ'Ëœ# of competitors ïÆ'ËœAdvertisement Decision making has two components ï  ¶ First, there is a goal â™ ¦ Basic Managerial Objective: to maximize net benefits ï‚ § Net Benefits = Total Benefits - Total Costs ï‚ § Profits = Revenue – Costs â™ ¦ Objective function: functional relationship between the value of the goal, and the values of endogenous variables and exogenous variables. ï  ¶ Second, there is a set of options taken to achieve the goal: â™ ¦ How much of the endogenous variable should be used to maximize net benefits? Find the optimal choice: Marginal (Incremental) Analysis ï  ¶ Marginal Benefits (MB): ChangeShow MoreRelatedEcon984 Words   |  4 PagesMaximum four per group, all students must be registered in the same section of the same course. Names must be in alphabetical order on the cover page. †¢ Graded work will be available for pick-up beginning on the afternoon of Friday March 14 in the Econ Distribution Center, Dunning Hall Room 334. You will require your student card. †¢ This assignment covers material from Chapters 20-24 of the text. True, False, or Uncertain [48 marks - 6 marks each] Explain why each of the followingRead MoreEcon1249 Words   |  5 PagesECON 410.502 Macroeconomic Theory Spring 2010 Instructor: Guangyi Ma Extra Problems #1 Suggested Answers and Comments Notice: (1) This set of extra problems contains 25 multiple-choice problems and 6 analytic (short-answer) problems. These problems are not homework and will not be graded. The aim of these problems is to provide you with additional exercises. (2) I will give solutions of the assignment and the â€Å"extra-problem† set after the due date. Page 1 Problem 1~25: MultipleRead MoreEcon Ans975 Words   |  4 PagesECON2103 – Problem Set (1) Multiple Choice Questions: 1. Understanding opportunity cost You work as an assistant coach on the university basketball team and earn $12 per hour. One day, you decide to skip the hour-long practice and go to the local carnival instead, which has an admission fee of $7. The opportunity cost of skipping practice and going to the carnival, valued in dollars is _________. 1) 2) 3) 4) $20 $12 $19 $7 2. Determining opportunity cost Winona is deciding whether to buy a suitRead MoreEcon2406 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿Homework Assignments Problems Applications Chapter 1 Homework 4. You win $100 in a basketball pool. You have a choice between spending the money now or putting it away for a year in a bank account that pays 5% interest. What is the opportunity cost of spending the $100 now? 5. The company that you manage has invested $5 million in developing a new product, but the product is not quite finished. At a recent meeting, your salespeople report that the introduction of competing productsRead MoreEcon5686 Words   |  23 Pagesï » ¿[Q#2020] If buyers’ value for bicycles increase, the demand for bicycles will ______.a. Increase [Q#2053] A supply shortage in the market for lettuce will _______ the equlibrium price of lettuce. a. Increase [Q#2057] At any moment the equilibrium price in the market for tablet computers will be determined by ________ . c. Buyers and the sellers of tablet computers [Q#2059] The equilibrium price is also known as c. the market-clearing price. [Q#4021] Along a demand curve with a constant slopeRead MoreEcon4429 Words   |  18 PagesECON 11026 Assignment Item 1 . S0183732 Part A Q1ai) Article can be found in the following website :;vId= The article ‘ Strong jobs figures put rate cut in doubt’ described that there is an increase in employment in the last one month which might help in putting hold to rate cut by Reserve Bank of Australia. There are positive signs in Australian job market with increase in 44000 employed peopleRead MoreEcon754 Words   |  4 PagesAssume that a cargo ship carrying the merchandise of a cloth merchant has been wrecked. Such a setback will be accounted as the merchant’s: Part I: Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. (1 Point each) 1. Which of the following is a positive statement? a. Heavy snowfall drives up the demand for heaters. b. Fiscal expenditures should be increased to combat recession. c. Government should encourage foreign direct investments to generate employmentRead MoreEcon634 Words   |  3 PagesQuestion Results Question 1: In our  macro  Circular Flow, the Businesses are choosing to  borrow  Ã‚  _____________ billion dollars. Your Answer(s): * 5000 Correct Answer(s) (in green): * 5000 * 3500 * 1000 * 500 Question 2: In the Private Sector, there are many  choices  to be made by Business managers regarding which â€Å"projects† to borrow for and which â€Å"projects† to invest in.  Ã‚  These choices often contain a great deal of ______________________  as well as  the potential for benefitsRead MoreEcon1039 Words   |  5 PagesPreface In our data analysis we do some univariate analysis before proceeding to models. In survival analysis it is highly recommended to look at the Kaplan-Meier curves for all the categorical predictors. This will provide insight into the shape of the survival function for each group and give an idea of whether or not the groups are proportional. We also consider the tests of equality across strata to explore whether or not to include the predictor in the final model. For the categorical variablesRead MoreEcon1239 Words   |  5 PagesQuestions based on â€Å"Too Big to Fail† movie Watch the movie and answer the following questions briefly. Upload your answers on Moodle using the Link â€Å"Submit Assignment on Too Big to Fail here† 1. When Lehman brothers was in trouble, Henry Paulson called the other banks’ CEOs on a meeting to find a solution to Lehman Brothers’s problem? Why did Henry Paulson think that a private sector solution, instead of government bailout, was needed? 2. (Up to about 43:00 of the movie) Why did the Lehman

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Oedipus Medea And Agamemnon Essay Example For Students

Oedipus Medea And Agamemnon Essay A monologue from the play by Aeschylus NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Dramas of Aeschylus. Trans. Anna Swanwick. London: George Bell and Sons, 1907. AEGISTHOS: Hail, joyous light of justice-bearing day!At length I can aver that Gods supernal,Judges of men, look down on earthly woes,Beholding, in the Erinyes woven robes,This man, thus prostrate, welcome sight to me,The wiles atoning compassed by his sire.For Atreus, Argos ruler, this mans father,Did from the city and his home expelThyestes, rival in the sovereignty,My father, to be plain, and his own brother.But coming back, a suppliant of the hearth,Wretched Thyestes found a lot secure,Not doomed his natal soil with blood to stain,Here in his home: but this mans godless sire,Atreus, with zeal officious more than kind,Feigning a joyous banquet-day to hold,Served to my sire, for food, his childrens flesh.Their feet indeed, the members of their hands,Seated aloof, in higher places, he hides.Partaking of the undistinguished parts,In ignorance, Thyestes eats the food,Curse-laden, as thou seest, to the race.Discerning then the impious deed, he shrieked,And back recoiling the foul slaug hter spewed.Spurning, with righteous curse, th insulted boardDread doom he vows to the Pelopid;So perish the whole race of Pleisthenes.Hence is it that ye see this man laid low;The righteous planner of his death am I.For me, the thirteenth child, in swathing clothes,He with my wretched sire, to exile drove.But, grown to manhood, Justice lead me back,And I, although aloof, have reached this man,The threads combining of the fatal plot.Now for myself twere glorious to die,Seeing this man entrapped in Justice toils.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay Essay Example

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay Paper 2.0 Introduction: AA literature reviewA is a critical and in depth rating of old research in a peculiar country. It allows anyone reading the paper to set up why you are prosecuting this peculiar research plan. The function of a literature reappraisal is to detect replies to a research job. Machi A ; Mc Evoy ( 2008 pp.3 ) explain an beforehand literature reappraisal as the foundation for placing a job that demands original research, and is the footing for the survey of a research job. Both writers even explain farther that a literature reappraisal critically proposes further research which guides the job into placing research aim which so leads to findings and decision from the whole research. Therefore the literature reappraisal covers countries such as the outline of work life balance, the benefits, the attack of gender towards work and life, policies implemented and the best pattern attack to equilibrating work and non-work demands. 2.1 The Outline of Work Life Balance We will write a custom essay sample on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Work-life balance is defined as the equilibrium between the sum of clip and attempt person devotes to work and that given to other facets of life . hypertext transfer protocol: // file=haw/files/Work-lifeBalance.pdf. However Kaila ( 2005 pp.223 ) relates work life balance as making supportive, healthy work environments for employees who are endeavoring to better incorporate their work and personal duties . In the early 19 century society had categorised working as dominant over life and personal committednesss. However, in this new millenary of the 20 century, the altering forms of persons involvement, gender, societal functions and peculiarly the work force have shifted where persons are seeking personal values and pull offing the complexnesss of life outlooks. 2.2 The Benefits of Work-Life Integration: The key concern drivers for work-life balance in the workplace tends to further positive result such as addition productiveness, reduced turnover, raised morale attract and retain employees. Thompson et Al. ( 1999 pp.14 ) indicated if an organisation Fosters single work-life integrating a cardinal outlook is a positive impact on single work public presentation. Professionals sing clip emphasis or psychological emphasis because of their high work load and possibly because of the demands of private life that they can non carry through satisfactorily, will be probably to endure from low concentration and in the terminal lower productiveness. Conversely, Hudson ( 2005 ) analysis underlined that employees in organisations who do nt hold a balance of work and non work affairs tends to see and bring forth negative results. In fact Hudson ( 2005 ) expressed farther by connoting that employees are more likely to be less productive, less committed and extremely decisive of go forthing the administration once they are sing increased emphasis due to work/life conflicting issues and are perceived of holding no control over equilibrating work and non-work demands. However Kaiser et Al. ( 2010 ) believed that if one viewed reconciliation work and life construct as a agency of take downing absenteeism, cut downing emphasis and wellness issues, so one can safely associate that work-life integrating can hold a positive impact on employees public presentation and productiveness. So based on what was stated above, it may look that the administrations are the 1s profiting from work-life balance. However Kossek A ; Lambert ( 2005 ) implied that employees besides benefit from work-life balance results where workers see lower degree of emphasis, cut down work and non-work struggles and constrains and have greater liberty and flexibleness in accomplishing work-life balance. In visible radiation of what was stated above by relevant writers, it is prudent to indicate out that work-life integrating can hold a positive result which benefits the employees and heighten the administration. 2.3 Organizational Behaviour towards Work-Life Balance: The present magnitude of sing work life balance is to advance a healthy balance between work and non work committednesss which should be the chief thought for administrations to see. However non all directors view work life balance as positive results for the organisation. In fact Rodbourne ( 1996 ) argued that the work/life civilization can be perceived as a factor correlated to less occupation security and negative calling patterned advance due to the use of work/life policies. Conversely, Druker ( 2000 ) implied that it is corporation societal duties to promote work-life balance within their organisation. However more and more organisations are advancing and even offering work life balance plans in the workplace. Herlihy A ; Maiden ( 2005 ) imply that successful organisations are where they are today because they invest in their employees since they recognised that people are capital assets of the organisations instead than a cost to be administered. Both writers besides believed that in order for employees to be effectual at work, they themselves need to be able to do alone parts to the administration that lies within the contexts of their ain personal status. In relation to Herlihy A ; Maiden ( 2005 ) , Powell ( 2010 pp 199 ) explained that persons success in pull offing the work-family interface is influenced by the environments that their employers provide and the schemes they adopt. Powell ( 2010 ) continued further saying that employees who have family-supportive directors and work in organisation that offers family-friendly enterprises tends to remain with the organisation. 2.4 Gender and Work Life Balance The early version of working in society was composed that work forces were the dominant 1s towards work while adult females were distinguished as homemakers, nevertheless the construction of that construct has dramatically change where adult females are merely every bit equal to work forces in facet of professionals. Maron ( 2009 ) reported on Equal Stress signified that surveies have found that adult females are lending 44 % of the family household income compared in the yesteryear and that child care by work forces have increased in recent times. Friedman A ; Greenhaus ( 2000 ) pointed out that long ago it was known that work forces was the breadwinner and adult females was the stay-at-wives, nevertheless alterations has shifted in the composing of the workplace enormously. Friedman A ; Greenhaus ( 2000 ) noted that adult females make up half the work force and is increasing in higher degrees whereas there is fewer force per unit area on work forces categorized has the exclusive breadwinner. Korabik et al. , ( 2008 pp.223 ) stated that the gender function political orientation conceptualized the tradition that adult females should give precedence to household duties and work forces to work duties. However Korabik et Al. ( 2008 ) advocated the fact that the gender function political orientation emphasizes a more stereotype function where it frequently produce a negative impact on both female parents and adult females and have developed a nonreversible judgmental analysis. Alternatively the detriment consequence of this should impact on work forces besides so that adult females should non be expected to conform to the stereotype gender function. Despite the many fluctuations of work and life functions for adult females, Cleveland et Al. ( 2000 ) stated that the implicit in premise focuses that the theoretical account life-role for adult females was housewife and that working adult females callings and work committednesss would be interrupted by gestation and child care. Cleveland et Al. ( 2000 ) imply that yes adult females do halt working briefly due to pregnancy nevertheless bulk of them do return to work after that short break. Reeves ( 2010 ) stressing that whether adult females are taking attention of kids, cleansing, cookery and covering with errands, adult females of today has been and are working harder than earlier to run into the demands of work at place and on the occupation. Reece A ; Brandt ( 2006 ) pointed out that most working work forces, merely as adult females, need to equilibrate work and personal life and now have picks which relate to marriage and household life concerns. Harmonizing to Strober ( 2010 ) reported on US Banker News proclaimed that 40 % of work forces wants to be employed by organisations that allows them to use there managerial accomplishments and at the same clip still hold clip to be successful male parents and hubbies. 2.5 Policies behind work-life balance: In many organisations there are a scope of policy picks that have been put in topographic point to suit employees in the field of work life issues. Polices implemented in administrations are intended to help employees, particularly health professionals and females, to pull off work and personal struggles. Supporters of policies argue that the policies in HR patterns help people achieve balance of work and life issues. Sparrow A ; Cooper ( 2003 pp.220 ) applied the situational theory model citing work-life balance policies are introduces where the organisations sees a direct nexus between them and a solution to jobs of absenteeism, and staff turnover . He indicated that employers are implementing policies as portion of a scheme in effort to exemplify lovingness duties for get bying parents. However, harmonizing to Hudson ( 2005 pp.14 ) , the mere handiness of extended and generous work/life policies does non necessary consequence in widespread use by employees or later betterments in work/life balance decreases in work/life struggles. He explains that the complex nature of work-life balance policies is non being utilized because employees are afraid to utilize the plans as a consequence of fright of negative effects. Coussey ( 2000 ) mirrored Hudson ( 2005 ) statement by connoting that employers may believe that it is undistinguished benefits of holding these constabularies and that employees may be unable to afford to do usage of these policies because of concerns that it may impact their calling patterned advance. However, harmonizing to Torun ( 2007 pp.5 ) the possible benefits of work-life programmes, can take to existent qualitative and quantitative benefits for the employer in footings of productiveness additions, lower turnover rate, a stronger squad spirit and trueness to employer. His analysis of work life balance is associated with employees public presentation which provides groundss that a well construction programme can help with clip direction benefits for both the employees and the employers in footings to increase productiveness and at the same clip personal life satisfaction. Conversely, to congratulate to Torun ( 2007 ) analysis, Crouter A ; Booth ( 2009 ) implied that administration that has a supportive work-family civilization is associated to positive results that administrations benefit from such as addition committedness, higher occupation satisfaction, lower absenteeism, decreased work household struggle, decreased psychological hurt, fewer bodily ailments and reduce d function strain. Edwards, Scott A ; Raju ( 2003 ) said that work life plan have been created to help with the managing of working persons duties of both work and personal affairs. Galinsky A ; Johnson ( 1998 ) argued that these really said policies are suppose to be seen as indispensable manner of pulling and retaining best endowment for administrations. Burke A ; Cooper ( 2006 pp.149 ) have similar sentiment to Galinsky A ; Johnson ( 1998 ) statement by citing that the proviso of work-life benefits more clearly distinguishes an employer from its rivals and might hold significant effects on an administration s image as good topographic point to work . Conversely to province, in this peculiar country all writers that have given their analysis about policies and work-life balance are merely stressing that administrations that implement work -life policies tend to pull committed employees to work for them. 2.5.1 The Characteristics of Work-Life Balance: The passage of work-life balance challenges the knowledge that the demographic work force has changed drastically in recent old ages. The fact of the affair is that the work force includes dual-earner spouses who are married and have the duties to care for kids and soon some are besides burden with adult-care duty excessively. Because of these brush, several statute law policies was introduced in the UK to suit the European work force committedness, merely to call few from the set are: Parental Leave Pregnancy Leave Flexible Time Time off for dependents 2.5.2 Flexible Working: The construct of flexible working has been normally utilized by many organisations to help employees with equilibrating work and life. Many employers understand the demand for flexible working because of the turning diverseness of adult females in the workplace, ageing population and immature grownups prosecuting an instruction and wishing to work at the same clip. In fact newsman Coughlan ( 2009 ) surveies have found that every two individual in an administration there are now more than one individual in instruction. Harmonizing to Peper et Al. ( 2005 ) employees need flexibleness in the workplace that would help them to equilibrate the demands of work and household. Peper et al. , ( 2005 ) implied further that employees no longer expect their occupations as long life, but do except to construct self-opportunities from working. Specifically the ability to maintain this in head is really indispensable for directors. Robertson ( 2007 ) critically send a really of import message saying that organisations that offer flexible working agreements to employees offers employees to advance good balance between work and place life will germinate to healthy employees and healthy employees are good for concern. To co-occur with Robertson ( 2007 ) , Konrad ( 2006 ) argued that surveies have found that employees who have entree to work-life flexibleness demonstrate stronger organisational committednesss and lessenings employees intention to go forth the administration. 2.6 Best Practices advancing Work-Life Balance: The complexness of a best pattern attack would be appealed by employees one time offered by administrations. By exhibiting this context it would help in develop strategic responses and positive constructs for employees and employers. Burke A ; Cooper ( 2008 pp.229 ) best patterns in the workplace are by and large understood as a set of patterns or actions which consequences in optimal results, ideally profiting both employees and the using administration. Burke A ; Cooper ( 2008 ) further explains that the jussive mood of work patterns increases the morale of run intoing the double docket of employees wellbeing and workplace effectivity. To mirrored Burke A ; Cooper ( 2008 ) , harmonizing to Taylor ( 2002 ) he indicated that organisational patterns frequently assists companies to accomplish competitory advantage in the market place. They argued that these patterns normally enhance concern public presentation in organisations that implement patterns. However, another theoretician Cooper ( 2005 ) disagreed with the statement above, she indicated that what is consider good pattern in one organisations may non be appropriate in one another. Harmonizing to Lewis A ; Cooper ( 2005 pp.5 ) good pattern in a specific context may be unequal tomorrow, which is why an apprehension of the procedure is more utile than merely patterns for prolonging long-run positive results. The nature of best pattern attack preponderantly utilized in administrations is ab initio defined to back up employees work-life duties and committednesss. Brown ( 2005 ) found that the use of best pattern attack of work life integrating does non merely profit employees, but besides administrations and employers with an unfastened head to this attack someway win in pulling valued employees and keep a motivated staff whereby presenting positive result. In the interim to advance work life balance administrations should follow best pattern attack that would promote flexibleness and positive consequences in both employees and employers. So possibly integrating family-friendly policies and patterns in the workplace could do a difference for employees with a batch of duties, committednesss and work life state of affairss. However Hein ( 2005 ) argued that family-friendly policies and patterns can help employees with the complexness of work life issues. Hein ( 2005 ) explicate farther that even though policies and patterns exist, nevertheless employees tend to be hesitating to continue to utilize them because of calling concerns or the fact that line directors discourage them from utilizing it. All the writers here are merely stressing that employers should make a family-friendly organizational civilization attack where employees and senior directors must be in favor of such patterns and should be seen utilizing the same patterns. Drumhead Reviewing the literature studied indicated by assorted writers, foster the linked with occupation satisfaction and committedness to work life balance. The construct of this seems that the writers all have a nonreversible position to work life balance and the effects to employees public presentations, committednesss and at the same clip organisation effectivity. The grounds illustrates supports that the leaning for negative result of public presentation to originate is expected to impede productiveness, particularly when there are struggles between pull offing clip for non-work and work related issues. To show a nexus with the literature reappraisal, an rating of the methods of research carried out to reason to findings of employees would be employed in the following chapter.

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Legal aspects of Health Care

Legal aspects of Health Care Free Online Research Papers Running Head: LAW AND LEGAL PROCESS Legal Aspects of Health Care Abstract This paper will discuss specific issues related to California legal statutes and medical treatment. It will address the legality of a foreign educated doctor advertising abortion services in the state, the length of time a respondent has to answer a lawsuit, and any advance notice the plaintiff must give the respondent. I will close by covering subpoenas and a person’s obligation in responding to a subpoena. DR. SAUNDERS In the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a woman has a constitutional right to choose abortion prior to a fetus being viable. However, according to the Business and Professions Code, Section 601, Dr. Sanders is not allowed to advertise for abortion services or any related services. By simply advertising for the services she wished to perform, Dr. Sanders committed a felony. Dr. Sanders has 30 days from the date the summons is served to enter a written pleading in response to the complaint. If no response has been given within the 30 days, the court will make a decision on the case without your input. A respondent is also advised to contact an attorney as quickly as possible in order to file the pleading within the 30 day window. Code of Civil Procedure, Section 412.10-412.30, specifically states that if the defendant fails to respond within the 30 day period, the plaintiff may demand any relief he feels just and right. Joan’s attorney must give Dr. Sanders at least 90 days prior notice of the intention to commence the action according to the Code of Civil Procedure, Section 364-365. Although failure to comply with the required time limits set forth by the code will not be grounds for dismissal of the case, any attorney that fails to comply with the provisions may be subject to disciplinary action by the State Bar of California. Assuming that Joan is claiming professional negligence against Dr. Sanders, the lawsuit may not fall into the scope of services for which the provider is licensed. California does not recognize abortion as legal, so there may potentially be an issue with the lawsuit depending on how it is presented before the court. A subpoena is the process by which the attendance of a witness is required by law according to the Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1985-1997. A subpoena requires the person to appear before the court at an appointed time and date with all required knowledge, books, papers or anything else listed in the document. If you are required to travel in order to fulfill your duties, you may request to be reimbursed for your travel fees. Sufficient time must be given in order to secure all the necessary travel and lodging arrangements, if required. Your obligations to the subpoena include: obeying the order of the subpoena, swearing in before the issuing court, answering as a witness, and to subscribe an affidavit or deposition when required. Failure to perform any of these actions may be punished as a contempt of court by the issuing court. If you fail to appear for the subpoena, you will be fined a sum of $500 and all damages sustained pursuant to your failure to appear. These damages may be recovered in a civil court. California law clearly states that a licensed medical doctor may not advertise for abortions. Dr. Sanders should have researched the legality of hanging her shingle out before opening her clinic. Since laws vary from state to state, it does not matter that her classmate’s clinic is successful in another state, California law prevails in this particular case. Dr. Sanders should have been given the full 90 days to respond to Joan’s attorney. Although this will not cause any problems with the lawsuit, it does show lack of professional consideration on the part of Joan’s attorney. The bottom line is that a patient went to a clinic that should not have been performing the medical procedure it was performing and got injured. It will be up to the courts to decide whether or not the patient has any culpability in the injury or if it was entirely the doctor’s fault. Research Papers on Legal aspects of Health CarePersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyThe Project Managment Office SystemPETSTEL analysis of IndiaCapital PunishmentThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesQuebec and CanadaIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalAnalysis of Ebay Expanding into AsiaStandardized Testing

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Advanced Construction Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 1

Advanced Construction Law - Essay Example A designer can be held liable for professional negligence in his duty if the design is considered to be poor quality, if he failed to manage the project properly, certifying for defective or unsuitable materials, indulging in the mismanagement of both contractors and the project costs, indulging in health and safety infringement, non-adherence of building regulations, and failing to get the appropriate permission for the project . One another law which deals with health & safety is the Control, of â€Å"Asbestos at Work (CAW) Regulations (2002)†. Some other regulation which is related to Health & Safety are as follows; a) â€Å"noise (Noise at Work Regulations 1989) , eyes (Protection of Eyes Regulation 1974), the use of asbestos (Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 1987) , the use of Lead (Control of Lead at Work Regulations 1987) , the control of substances hazardous to health ( Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988) , the control of industrial majo r hazards (the Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard Regulations 1984) â€Å" .A designer of  Ã‚   a construction project will have multifarious responsibilities and roles. He has the duty follow the Code of Professional Conduct as prescribed by ARB and RIBA. He has the duty to offer the client with concise and clear advice about the design potential, estimated building cost, the necessity to get various statutory consents, likely time scale of project, project programming, and the necessity to appoint the services of the other professional specialists and consultants .Though a professional contractual commitment to his client only applicable to carry out his services with reasonable care and skill.